HintsSecurity for your privat property

Security of objects. CCTV on the building.

Ensuring your privat property of any type from a small garage to a large business center at the moment is a vital necessity. Nobody wants to leave their property unattended, without reliable protection. Every thrifty owner tries to keep safe of his property.

Technical security of property today is realized with a help of special equipment. This equipment divided into three large groups: alarm systems, video surveillance equipment and access control devices. Although the variety of choices seems to be not the most significant, buyers and customers very often make common mistakes. You can order more equipment than they need or less. You can choose the security systems that do not fit the conditions of the object. Let's observe these groups more carefully.

Video surveillance for security of objects.

Today these systems are the only way of permanent visual fixation. Therefore, they are are widespread everywhere. However often buying such technical equipment, we forget about some things.

This system is a complex of technical means, which consists of cameras, monitors, as well as means for processing the incoming image before displaying it on the screen.

The different devices are designed for different conditions. That is, one camera can shoot only with sufficient light and fix only one zone. Another one can be mobile and shoot even in dim lighting or almost without it. It is impossible to achieve technical safety outdoor object without filming in the night mode. On the other hand, watching the 24 hours a day in the illuminated shop, there is no need to buy equipment with night vision.

Security guard behind the CCTV system.


It's another well-known security system of objects of any level. This equipment are also not of a big variety. From the very begining we will clarify that the alarm system can be of a separate type, that is, it can work locally, without integration, and connection with fire extinguishing systems, for example, or smoke removal. In the first case, it is usually cheaper, but in the second it is more convenient. Reliability in both cases is high.

The alarm system can also notify omly the client of the fact of penetration or, in addition, give a signal to the security panel of the security company. On duty officer of the security panel turn promptly sends to the scene a fast response group - the FRG. It is logical to assume that it is more reliable to redirect the solution of the problem to competent people, but the panel protection needs a monthly fee, so arises the question of the budget . If the owner knows for sure that the signal does not mean anything serious, and he is able to cope on his own, then it is pointless to connect the FRG.

Ensuring the security of objects using access control systems

These systems are most often used to stop attempts to go to an enterprise or other object of this type, not for private use. It is unlikely that someone will want to install the turnstile at home. It works on the principle of reading information from the person's electronic card and further identifying it. If the identification does not occur, the input is blocked, and an alarm is triggered. This version of technical security is now used in almost every institution, enterprise, factories and government agencies.

Security guard behind the access control system.

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