HintsModern alarm security systems
Modern alarm security systems.

Security alarm systems. How to secure your business? Modern security alarm systems allow you to replace the expensive staff of guards and send an alarm signal directly to the security panel or to the on duty group of Ministry of Emergency Situations. The installation and maintenance costs are significantly lower than the monthly salary payments to regular security guards. Security alarm system is a specially designed system of devices warning of changes in the environment, which can lead to a threat.

Modern security system can contain a variety of sensors:

  • acoustic sensors respond to sharp characteristic sounds in the room;
  • infrared sensors respond to movement;
  • vibration sensors respond to movement, mechanical impact on objects;
  • reed switches analyze the change in the magnetic field, warn of the depressurization of the safe, the breaking of the object, etc.

What kind of alarm system do you need?

Depending on the use of information from the sensors, there are three tipes of the security alarm system:

Individual GSM security alarm system

It sends the sensor signal to you with a help of SMS, MMS or a phone call and also inctivate sound and light alerts.

Disadvantage: potential violators using special equipment can muffle GSM signaling.

Advantages: flexibility of adjustment, low cost.

Autonomous alarm system

The alarm signal does not transmit anywhere, it activates the light and sound alarm signals to draw attention to the problem object.

The disadvantages of an autonomous system of protection:


  • the possibility of damage of wires by the robbers so the signal from the sensors will not arrive in time;
  • there can be no one for a timely response;
  • if the sensor is defective, the alarm system will not work.

Advantages: low price.

Console Safeguarding

It not only turns on the alarm signals, but also sends signals from the sensors to the central security base via the encrypted channel.

Disadvantages: the fee of the Console Safeguarding is quite high.

Advantages: - timely response to the alarm signal by a group of trained security guards (this is more profitable than permanent staff of security guards in the company).
- the liability for the prompt and professional response is channelled to the security firm; - installation and service provided by specialists guarantee uninterrupted operation.

The rich practical experience of our specialists allows to design, install and maintain modern security alarm systems of any complexity.

Our technical specialists can offer you simple, at a low price options for installation. We can also offer you the majority of modern models of security systems of higher categories of complexity. We have developed optimal standard solutions for standard objects: apartments, small offices and shops. Our employees try not to use templates. Each next object is an occasion for expert search and identification of potential threats and risks to create and develope individual solutions for your security.



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