HintsPersonal driver for business. Save your free time in best way

Today, many businessmen are experiencing a severe shortage of free time. Every working day of such a busy person has a tight schedule, and even on weekends it is difficult for him to set aside a few hours for a good rest. A business person often has to not only work in the office, but also move around the city to attend conferences and business meetings.

Businessmen who refuse to drive a car, entrusting these duties to a professional driver, have two advantages over their colleagues: strict adherence to the schedule and the ability to think about the solution of existing problems even while traveling to the destination. That is why most businessmen are interested in rental a car with a driver. TopGuard provides business class car rental services and hiring professional drivers with extensive experience.

Advantages of rent-a-car with a driver

Most of today's chiefs believe that a personal driver is a main indicator of respectability. Given the experience of their business partners, they seek to rent a car with a driver.
Rent a car with a driver has the following advantages:

  • an experienced driver is perfectly oriented in Kiev, so he can choose the best route to travel to his destination;
  • the client does not need to watch the technical condition of the vehicle, because the driver himself watch the technical condition of the vehicle and keeps it clean;
  • drivers of TopGuard company have excellent driving skills even in extreme situations, as well as impeccably follow the rules of the road.

Hiring a car with a professional driver, a businessman can trust to him the implementation of some small tasks, without distracting other company employees from more important problems.

Many of today's chiefs hire cars with drivers not only for business trips, but also for the sake of creating comfortable conditions for own family members. In this case, a professional driver is charged to tuck up children from school and transported them to sports, art or music schools.

TopGuard offers a car rental service with a driver, ensuring flawless execution of all tasks. Our company carefully selects drivers, putting forward the following requirements to their practical skills:

  • sufficient driving experience;
  • knowledge of the technical device of the car;
  • ability to carry out small repairs.

Drivers must have such traits as punctuality, precision, endurance, sociability, confidentiality, the lack of bad habits.

  • punctuality;
  • accuracy;
  • endurance;
  • no bad habits;
  • sociability;
  • privacy.

Rental cost

Perfect service from the leading company TopGuard has already been appreciated by many successful chief and businessmen. However, those who make decision about cooperation for the first time are interested in receiving information on how the cost of the service is formed.

First of all, the rental price depends on the amount of time during which the driver will carry out the instructions of the tenant. The minimum order — three hours of interaction, of which one hour is allocated for the supply of vehicle and two hours to carry out specific instructions from the tenant.

Renting a car with a driver is also possible in cases when it is supposed to a trip outside Kiev. In this case, the rental price depends on the total mileage. Also, the tenant must pay all additional costs (road and parking fees). If to complete the tasks required a long trip, the tenant must pay for accommodation and meals for the driver during such a business trip.

Our company welcomes not only businessmen, but also newlyweds, for whom we have luxury cars decorated with wedding symbology. However, the cost of such a service is 20% higher than the cost of a standard order. The service can be paid in two ways: full prepayment or making a minimum deposit and paying the remaining amount after the end of the rental relationship.

Our company TopGuard creates and maintains conditions that ensure the achievement of an effective result.

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