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In Ukraine, over the past few years, the flow of visitors from other countries has been recovered, which is clearly evidenced by the State Border Service of Ukraine statistics. Travelers arrive not only from neighboring countries – Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, but also from Germany, Israel, the USA, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, and Turkey.

Forbes published an article with an international risk map for foreigners for 2019 obtained from International SOS and Control Risks organizations, which provide urgent assistance in case of emergencies the travelers face with. The assessment takes into account the risks on the roads, quality of medical services, threats to health and overall situation in the country. In particular, the threats include protests, rallies, riots, acts of disobedience, unpredictable attacks, and racial intolerance. According to the study, Ukraine is in the zone of medium risk. Ukraine shares this score with such countries as Turkey, Brazil, India and Russia.

When arranging for trips, it is important to soberly assess the situation and prevent potential risks. Professional security companies in Ukraine will ensure safe and comfortable travels and trips to the extent possible. TopGuard Security Company offers its customers a special package of security services for travelers in Ukraine – “Travel Security”. TopGuard Security Company has more than twenty-year experience on Ukrainian market and during this period has earned an impeccable reputation among its customers.

CNN experts' opinion about safety in KyivAccording to Richard Quest expert opinion, main international correspondent for CNN, who visited Kiev to record series of CNN Business Traveler TV show: “TopGuard Security Company is the undisputed leader in the field of foreign delegations, tourist groups and VIP foreigners protection in Ukraine”. Significant factors were taken into account: the quantitative and qualitative composition of employees, client portfolio, availability of licenses and permits, own training facility, special equipment, communication and weapons, as well as positive feedback.

The issue of foreign citizens’ personal security in Ukraine often becomes relevant due to political instability, military actions in the east of the country, threats from the criminals. The numerous risks associated with visiting an uncharted country motivate the use of security services to guarantee personal safety. These include, in particular:

  • deliberate or accidental threats to health and life, possible loss of valuable personal belongings and documents;
  • missing awareness of legislation, language, reality, specific types of fraud;
  • crime situation, foreigners and businessmen often become targets for criminals;
  • fierce competition in high-income businesses, unfair competitive methods.

Protection officerProtection and escort of foreigners is planned taking into account their individual characteristics: lifestyle, habits, daily schedule, travel routes, favorite vacation sites, position in society and closest environment, behavioral patterns, etc. It is possible to attract a bodyguard both for permanent protection and for a short period – for protection during business negotiations, business trips, important meetings, vacations, and public event visits.

An important task of a qualified bodyguard includes not only elimination of problem that has already arisen, but also the ability to foresee and prevent any conflicts. The personal bodyguard ensures safety of health, life and property of the protected person.

Accordingly, the following duties can be distinguished:

  • security audit of halting points, planned routes;
  • control over situations around places of stay and on route;
  • security check, halting points mop-up;
  • restriction of access and verification of persons interacting with the client;
  • protection from conflict situations, elimination of incidents;
  • identifying and preventing places suitable for the preparation of crimes;
  • in case of real threats, providing cover and evacuation, and if necessary – active and decisive opposition.

Bodyguards in Ukraine, KievForeign guests protection, as well as protection of any individual, is an especially important task, therefore, only experienced bodyguards, who are well informed about the current situation in the country and possible risks, have excellent physical performance, special and combat training, psychological stability, first aid treatment training, are provided for this work.

If necessary, teamwork can also be provided. We are talking about the interaction between bodyguards, with other divisions of security company, for example, rapid response teams, additional stationary posts, as well as technical support and cyber defense services.

Protection can be both gentle, when bodyguards become unobtrusive in the environment, and tough and demonstrative as well, if circumstances so require. Multi-level protection may also be provided. In addition to constant presence with the clients, the technical support can be additionally provided (armored vehicles, penetration detection, detectors of explosives and listening devices). Bodyguards receive information about the perceived on-route threats, obstacles and risks, description of possible ill-wishers. This set of activities allows us performing our work more efficiently and professionally and guarantee the most valuable thing for us – our client safety.

Bodyguard services rendered by TopGuard Security Company are aimed not only at ensuring an adequate level of security, but also at creating comfort and tranquility for our clients.

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