The reason for the pop diva's visit to Ukraine was the Lviv stadium opening for Euro 2012. October 28 American celebrity arrived in the capital, where during a press conference with enthusiasm confessed that she likes the melodic Ukrainian songs and even sang along with the audience "Nese Galya Vodu". Anastacia said she was ready to travel to Euro 2012 matches in Ukraine and couldn’t wait when she'd visit the new Lviv stadium.

Elevated mood and enthusiastic reviews about the singer's stay in Ukraine - perhaps all this is not just like that. It turned out the American celebrity’s attention was attracted by strong and handsome bodyguard Michael, under whose constant supervision the singer was placed. The honorable right to protect Anastacia during her stay in Ukraine was entrusted to Ukrainian-Israeli international company TopGuard. And obviously not in vain.

After all the renowned beauty admitted she felt absolutely safe with her charming companion. The singer even posted a photo on her Facebook page where she leans on the strong shoulder of Ukrainian bodyguard calling him the nicest guy.

We in turn want to thank the gorgeous pop diva for having had the honor of working with her and also to express our gratitude to organizers of the show for their high professionalism and excellent work.