After the grandiose football Euro-2012 tournament Kiev is preparing for the next not less large-scale basketball event Evrobasket-2015.

In December, 2011 Ukraine was awarded a right to carry out Evrobasket-2015. The tournament is planned for September, 2015. Participation of 24 European national teams is expected in the competitions which will take place in six Ukrainian cities.

As well as before Euro-2012, you can periodically hear criticism about the preparation process of Ukraine to Evrobasket-2015 championship in mass media that sounds from the European bodies. Many European countries wish to hold competitions at home.

However neither European criticism nor a difficult political situation in the country frighten the organizers of the event. On the contrary Ukrainian basketball Federation is confident that Ukraine will successfully cope with holding the European basketball championship in 2015.

And while officials are arguing builders continue work on the main basketball arena of the country in Kiev which unique design was developed by a German architectural company OW Plan Group. It is going to be constructed in the best world traditions with a unique ultramodern architectural form and functional universality.


pic 1376904321

Sample of the Evrobasket-2015 arena facade 

Organizers claim that the arena designed for 15 thousand people will be able to accept not only basketball, but also hockey matches, athletics competitions and even musical concerts. Due to unique sliding scene which will allow to transform the sports arena to a concert hall for 12,5 thousand people in 8 hours. More than 250 singers will be able to appear on one stage at the same time that will allow holding world level concerts and shows. The approximate budget of the project is estimated in 110 million dollars.


pic 1376997395

Sample of the Evrobasket-2015 arena facade 

By the way, in spite of the fact that the championship will be held after more than a year the organizers are taking care about security and safety of Evrobasket-2015. Considering that the sport event is expected to be visited by not less amount of guests than during Euro-2012 the protection of safety and order of fans and gests of the event is going to be entrusted to the tested experts who successfully passed Euro-2012 "safety examination". As MIGnews.com.ua have found out, TOPGUARD group of companies considers participating in the Evrobasket-2015 safety and security tender. 

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Sample of the Evrobasket-2015 arena facade 

"Experience and potential of our company allow our experts to be involved into security providing process of the event, - declared MIGnews.com.ua at TOPGUARD press center. - We satisfy the requirements of European level events and we will take the best efforts in order that both athletes and fans remember Evrobasket-2015 as real holiday".

REFERENCE. TOPGUARD is the only private security company in Ukraine which has experience of securing international level events. In 2012 our company was responsible for providing safety at EURO2012 in the accepting cities of Ukraine and successfully coped with it.

The construction process of Evrobasket-2015 arena.

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basket 02

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