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A generally accepted fact – fall is a very busy season of the year. Activity is increasing in the cultural, educational and business spheres of life.

Exhibitions, festivals, forums, conferences and other interesting events are held almost every day. Many organizers are increasingly serious about their events security. The greater number of guests, the more impressive area of the event – the tighter requirements for ensuring order and protection. Where the organizer values its status and reputation, the qualifications and respectability of security staff become especially important.

Over the past few years, the security company TopGuard has become a regular partner for some well-known organizers. This cooperation adhesion emphasizes the impeccable quality of the security services provided.

Fall 2018 closing was notable for a tight events schedule, during which TopGuard ensured the security in a number of events:

  • Blackfest Ukrainian Coffee Show (30.11-01.12.2018) – impressive workshops and barista performances against the background of coffee entrepreneurs’ business communication; ~ 3,000 guests.
  • Franchithink International Restaurant & Hotels Forum ( – communication platform for investors, restaurant and hotel business franchisors; ~ 1,500 visitors.
  • Creative Chefs Summit (12/01/2018) – chefs’ international summit, as well as an exhibition of suppliers and manufacturers of products, dishes and professional equipment on 2,500 sq. m.; ~ 3,000 persons.
  • SALT National Restaurant Award (02.12.2018) – awards ceremony for the best restaurants, cafes and bars in Ukraine; ~ 400 guests.
  • Kyiv International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo (26- – exhibition and conference devoted to emigration, luxury real estate and private financial consulting; ~ 500 guests.
  • Global Hack Weekend (23- – the largest hackathon in Eastern Europe; Intense competition among more than a hundred teams of developers, designers, software managers; ~ 1,000 participants.
  • Your day together with Bitrix24 (11/16/2018) – the Bitrix24.Day client conference for the purpose of practical business education and entrepreneurship development; ~ 800 guests.
  • Kyiv Smart City Forum (10/31/2018) – a unique event, the purpose of which is to popularize innovative technologies in public daily life; visual demonstrations and lively discussion of the prospective cities in the field of infrastructure to improve safety, comfort and quality of life for citizens; ~ 1,200 persons.

You must admit that the event’s identity is not just about the organizer, participants and guests, but the entire facilitating service as well. Security staff meets all visitors first and ensures access control. Frankly speaking, further work of the security staff is often unnoticeable, but this fact only confirms their professionalism.

Lively flow of numerous visitors throughout the event, equipment exposure and demonstrations, reports and lectures, the order and safety of personal belongings, inspection of premises and access control, active observation of what is happening to identify violations, coordination of joint actions – all this also falls under the responsibility of security staff. The flawless conduct of the said events is the main appraisal of the security services provided.

TopGuard expresses its gratitude to all the founders of these events – the Hoteliero Club of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs, Prime Media Marketing Group LLP exhibition company, Bitrix24-Ukraine, Kyiv Smart City initiative group, GHW2018 organizer Pavel Pedenko – and is looking for reliable cooperation.

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