Close protection Range of services of security companies is becoming wider. In Ukraine more Executives need Close protection services and hire bodyguards into their security team. It is important to understand that Close protection is one of the most responsible activities, because a bodyguard bears responsibility for his Client’s life and health. Every bodyguard understands this fact when decides to devote his life to such a responsible work. You may hire a security team or a bodyguard separately depending on your budget and threats. For both of them the main aim is your private security and they both will perform their protection services at high level. The main thing that personal protection should provide is safety and security of the customer. There are lots of examples when a Client stayed alive only at cost of his bodyguard’s life.

When it comes to teamwork to provide qualified personal protection it should be a united and almost sole mechanism where bodyguards think and act as one. Each security team member should be experienced, perfectly trained and able to react immediately at unpredictable situations. Moreover, the best experts are considered to have high moral character, sense of responsibility and a great instinct of danger.


Bodyguards depend only on themselves, their own skills and actions. Their function is to provide cover for the protected person. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that a perfect security system is integrity in actions of the bodyguard and the protected person. The Client must remember the main task of the bodyguard and not impose any other duties not related to security issues on his CP personnel. Of course there are situations when you need bodyguards not as much for your personal protection but to impress your partners or boost your status during meeting or negotiations. Then the Security Company will provide you with decent-looking, tall, athletic built, handsome guard who will play the desired role.

Executive security

Close protection, regardless of whether it is a team or a bodyguard must necessarily carry out specific tasks:

  • Check the security of places of stay and routes
  • Monitoring the situation around places and routes
  • Security check at hotels and other client’s places of stay
  • Restrictions on access to the client
  • Checking of persons who have access to the client
  • Identify and block potentially dangerous places
  • Escorting

Pierre Richard and bodyguards TopGuard

Each of these tasks is equally important and there is not more or less priority. Omission of one of them could cost lives. Bodyguard primarily must identify threats in time and immediately prevent them. Any attempted act must be avoided or localized in case it occurred.

Regarding the cost of Close protection services formation it is not fixed and depends on many factors. Thing to remember is that maintaining a professional level of the bodyguards is a prior task, so supporting the development of your bodyguard would be more than sensible.

If you are at the stage of choosing a Security Company it is worth considering that evaluation of professional level of the candidate during recruitment process is difficult, but possible. You will often need assistance of professional Security Company which will make it faster and guarantee a better quality of the process. Also you can arrange your own check, for example arrange a stressful situation, which will show the speed and reaction of the bodyguard.