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The term "raiding" is increasingly seen in news headlines. Over the past 7 years, according to open sources, there have been about 3300 raider attacks in our country. There were even more attempts. Official statistics do not reflect the whole picture, because often such actions are qualified as hooliganism, and not as illegal seizure of property or opposition to legitimate business activities.

Raiding: concept and main types

Raiding is a business with a criminal component. The takeover of enterprises is taking place against the will of the legitimate owners. Such a seizure often leads to injuries to personnel and owners, accompanied by threats, blackmail, kidnapping and other methods of terror. The attack targets not only large factories or agricultural holdings, but also medium and small businesses. Pharmacy chains, logistics and IT companies, shopping centers, etc. are susceptible to attacks.

Most attacks on businesses are recorded in the city of Kiev and the Kiev region. Everything happens according to the same pattern: armed and aggressive people force their way into the territory of the enterprise, block the work and take possession of the documentation and the company's servers. At the same time, law enforcement agencies are often in no hurry to respond to the unlawful actions of the invaders.

There are many ways to take over a company. How the raider will act depends on himself and the protection of the victim's company. Not only forceful methods are widespread, but also falsification of documents, psychological pressure, damage to reputation, theft of confidential data of an enterprise. The following types of raiding are classified:

  • • White - merging occurs within the framework of the law. Defending against such encroachment also requires legal action to avoid a takeover scenario. This type is found mainly in countries with a developed business sector and well-drafted legislation. So far, a rarity in our country.
  • • Gray - formally the legislation is observed, but there is a corruption component, bribery of officials, forgery of documents. Often "black" notaries are used to carry out transactions. Protection against this type of raiding should take place in the legal plane and secure storage of title documents.
  • • Black is the most common type. It is accompanied by force pressure, blackmail, extortion and other clearly illegal actions. Protection consists in ensuring the security of the enterprise, organizing reliable security, video surveillance equipment and protecting the perimeter.

How to understand that the takeover of the company is being prepared?

To understand that a company has come to the attention of raiders, it is necessary to track data in various open registries. As a rule, the ground for seizure is being prepared with the opening of fictitious criminal cases and tax audits. Therefore, it is important to monitor the registers for any mentions where the enterprise appears.

An indication of the preparation of the capture can be the identification of incorrectly completed documents, errors in accounting reports. It is necessary to constantly audit the documentation in order to detect something amiss in time. Often, a sabotage is carried out by a company employee who performs the task of ill-wishers.

A sharp buy-up of 10-15% of the company's shares and their concentration in the same hands can be a wake-up call. It is necessary to evaluate the distribution of shares and understand how, by whom and for what they are used.

Another way to set the stage for a takeover is to go bankrupt. It is important for the owner to keep track of accounts payable and other types of possible debts. If debts have appeared from somewhere, it is urgent to apply protective measures.

The introduction of passes and restriction of staff access to offices, additional checks of documents, will help protect against such sabotage.

What to do if the company is trying to take over?

If, nevertheless, it was not possible to prevent the attack, it is urgent to use the services of a private security company. Blocking access to the territory and premises of the building, especially to offices with documentation, seals, accounting and servers, will disrupt the plans of ill-wishers.

Remember, the police will drive for a long time, and sometimes they will not take any action at all to prevent an offense. The services of a watchman are also insufficient to protect well-motivated, armed people from the crowd.

It is best to keep important documentation with a partner lawyer or security company, and servers that receive data from CCTV cameras should be located outside the enterprise. Ideally, in another country or on the territory of a security company.

The main task is to prevent penetration. If the raider receives the necessary data and actual control, then even if the proceedings are successful in court, time will pass. During this period, the capacity of the enterprise, equipment, products can simply be sold.

You can avoid becoming a victim of raiders if you turn to professionals for help. It is optimal to take preventive measures, and not wait for someone to start illegal actions.

By securing your company, you will make it not such an easy prey in the eyes of the raiders, and there is a high probability that they will not expend energy and join the fight. If the attempt to capture is realized, then professional security will be able to neutralize the attackers and protect strategically important premises from intruders.

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