TopGuard company is focused on providing high-quality security services. The company adheres to European security standards and spares no time and money for the best offer for any client who can choose a security solution in accordance with his budget.

Nowadays there are digital technologies on the security market that simplify security concerns as much as possible. For example, if you have the Internet and a smartphone, you can organize round-the-clock monitoring of the household, children, personnel, business or remote objects (for example, a boathouse with your favorite boat, or production).

Protection against unauthorized access to an apartment or office using an IP-doorphones

The interesting devises of this group are IP and GSM doorphones. Usually their price is slightly higher than the usual ones, but wherever you are you can see who is calling at your door and remotely communicate with a person who has no idea that you are not at home.It is not new that the living standard of the population has rapidly fallen and the number of thefts in apartments has naturally increased. Before "going to work" the thiefs "ring up" the apartments to find out the owners who are not at home.

Having an IP-intercom at home you can answer the doorbell, and the thief will never know that you are not at home. In addition to the usual answer, you can enter commands from the phone to open the lock or activate another control device, for example, to turn on the light in the apartment. The system allows you to set up 2 numbers, in case of one of them does not answer. An important advantage is that the range is not limited, and the device is wireless, so the installation will not cause any problems. It does not require cable management and interior repair, which is very good for expensive apartments. You only need a call panel and ordinary mobile phones that will replace the doorphones. Therefore, the advantages over a conventional intercom are significant. But the main thing is that anywhere in the world you can answer the call and ask who has come to you. Wherever you are, for guests - you are always at home!

IP cameras - your eyes and ears in the apartment

As an additional protection, TopGuard security company offers round-the-clock access to all of its objects, which are guarded with the output of information on the screen of a normal smartphone. This simple service gives an opportunity for the client to continue usual activities, and the situation at the facilities is monitored and controlled by the duty officer. That is, the security company takes care of the control and solution of all emergency situations, and the client can see and even hear everything at any time with his phone or PC what is happening on his objects. Usual control panel security sistem does not have such capabilities. If you still use usualal security systems, you only know that one of sensors has reactedthen when sensors are triggered . The information is not enough and you will not know what happened until you enter the apartment,. With the online monitoring system, you instantly can see and hear with your own eyes what is happening in the apartment.

IP-doorphones and IP-cameras.

This system will also be useful for parents to monitor their children and to see in online mode what they are doing. A small and high-quality camera can also be used as an electronic door eye, surveillance system, baby monitors, monitor to control personnel or workers. With TopGard, your family and business will always be safe. Cameras have the ability to turn on when motion is detected. The system sends a message to the owner's smartphone, if the feature is enabled. Such a video system, among other things, has a two-way audio connection and can take pictures, and an infrared night vision sensor will allow you to watch the house at night. As you can see - there are no limitations in the possibilities.

While other companies offers to their customers mostly old and outdated systems, TopGuard offers modern solutions for all areas of life. Use the technology to the maximum.

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