Dogs for protection. Which breed to choose? In the city, the dog, as a rule, is a loyal friend. However, it often happens, dogs are needed for protection. Which breed will cope with this task better?

By nature, the dog must have the following qualities:

  • distrust of outsiders;
  • ability to learn;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • frost resistanceе;
  • immunity to communicate with other animals.


Shepherd - the best dog for protection!

Based on these qualities, we can say which breeds are suitable for this task, List of dogs that can not be good guards:

  • dogs of hunting breeds. They are all good-natured to people by nature. To anyone. So - these dogs will not react if other people get into your home or yard;
  • fighting dogs. Historically, these dogs were breeded to fight with other animals. But to people they, as well as hunting dogs, are friendly. As a result, they are not good guards. With these dogs, your home and yard will never be well guarded;
  • smooth-haired dogs. Here everything is quite clear: they can not live outdoor in winter;
  • rescue dogs. Dogs of this breed were created to help people, they are subconsciously friendly with everyone so these dogs are also not suitable for protection.


Which dogs are the best for protection? Top three most popular breeds to protect your home from intruders.

Black Terrier

Черный терьер

Initially, the dogs of this breed had such qualities as anger and indefatigability. Over time, their character became softer. As a result, we have a "family" dog which is a good guard for your home and a good friend for your children. At the same time, she is constantly on the alert and ready to attack unexpected guests at any second.


German Shepherd

German Shepherd

This breed is considered to be one of the most popular and universal. She gets along very well with all family members, including young children. German Shepherd can be well trained, so you can be sure that your property is under protection.




It is believed that the Rottweiler is a smooth-haired dog. However,It has a well-developed undercoat that helps to withstand the cold. This is perhaps the most vigilant watchman. He is suspicious of all strangers. But Rottweilers have one unpleasant quality - the desire for leadership. Therefore, during training, even in early childhood, you need to suppress all the undesirable qualities. Then you will get the perfect helper who will keep your home and property under guarding.

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