Security UEFA Super Cup (2015). Фото 4.

An international team of professionals trust the most responsible and important areas such as the area for accommodation of state officials, VIP-sectors, areas of hospitality, corporate area of ​​international sponsors. In addition, TopGuard provide general security in close conjunction with the security forces of the host country.

In consideration of the level of activities, and a large representation of officials from different countries in the Georgian capital, TopGuard were used as increased security. The government has mobilized the police to maintain order on the streets and blockade some streets.

UEFA Super Cup (2015). Photo 1. UEFA Super Cup (2015). Photo 2. UEFA Super Cup (2015). Photo 3. Security UEFA Super Cup (2015). Photo 5. UEFA Super Cup (2015). Photo 6. UEFA Super Cup (2015). Photo 7.

The UEFA Super Cup was founded in 1972. In which teams from across Europe have been challenging for the championship winners of the most prestigious football tournament - the Champions League and the Europa League last season. The current UEFA Super Cup, which bought two Spanish teams "Barcelona" and "Seville" has become one of the most spectacular in the history of football and broke a few historical records. For example, it was the most productive match due to the number of goals scored in the history of the UEFA Super Cup. The winner of the tournament - "Barcelona" has participated in the Super Cup for the ninth time, won - for the fifth time, repeating the record of Italian club "Milan". In this match and our distinguished compatriot Yevgeny Konoplyanka, who scored a spectacular goal against "Barcelona", extending the game into overtime.

The protection of public events of this magnitude - provides good experience for our professionals, as well as the opportunity to see the event with their own eyes.