RHCP in Kiev 2016. Autographs for bodyguards TopGuard.

Bodyguards of security company TopGuard provided the personal security of the musicians of the legendary band Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which gave again a concert in Kiev.

Also, our company has been entrusted with travel security services, complete transportation services and logistics of group movement in Ukraine.

Superband. Super-event. Powerful concert at the Olympic NSC stadium in Kiev, when the Ukrainian fans of the true rock once again had the opportunity to enjoy music by world legend in live.

85 million albums copies sold, seven music awards "Grammy" and the incredible crowd of fans. Of course, they could long time go all over the world with tours bypassing Ukraine.

But, playing a concert in 2012 in Kiev, bassist Flea called Ukrainians the best in the Universe and gave the floor to come back. They kept their promise and are conquered the Ukraine again! And Ukraine conquere their hearts again too. At this time, they walked a lot of Kiev, along with their relatives. They decided to show Ukraine to them, the beautiful city - Kiev, with its old streets and ancient monuments, its delicious food, and unforgettable people. And even the guards professionalism and comfort they marked as one of the best in the world.

TopGuard security company bodyguards were engaged for providing the safety staying of superstars in Ukraine.

We are grateful to the RHCP that they chose us and entrusted all travel security services to our company.

Pleases and encouraging with the fact that in spite of a difficult period for our country, such international stars come to us with families and can feel here safety and comfortable.

RHCP drummer and bodyguards TopGuard. RHCP drummer and bodyguards TopGuard. Photo-2. RHCP drummer and appreciation from fans and organizers.
RHCP. Chad Gaylord and bodyguard TopGuard posing on camera. RHCP. Chad Gaylord. RHCP. Chad Gaylord on a magazine cover.
RHCP. Anthony Kiedis on the stage of the concert in Kiev - 2016. RHCP. Flea on the stage of the concert in Kiev - 2016.