NewsTOPGUARD Rapid Reaction Forces (RRF) are always in harness and on time!


TOPGUARD Rapid Reaction Forces (RRF) are always in harness and on time!

If any problem occurs, it is the operational support from the armed rapid reaction that plays a key role in overcoming crises and ensuring true safety.

Special training serves as the operation basis for rapid reaction fighters.

Hence, the success and quality in dealing with problems depends on rapid reaction team training and professionalism. RRF means armed, physically and psychologically well-prepared and trained fellows who undergo regularly special training in the following areas:

  • Conflict Resolution Techniques;
  • Anti-Crisis Psychology;
  • Combat Sambo and Krav Maga;
  • Medical Training;
  • Fire-Fighting Training;
  • Basic Specialized Legal Training;
  • Foreign Language;
  • Operational-Tactical, Fire Training;
  • Defensive Driving.

RRF includes the military with combat experience and relevant knowledge and skills to operate and defend in the civil legal field.


TOPGUARD partners and customers feel confident since in the event of an emergency, where security at the facility needs help, the armed mobile rapid response units will arrive. They will provide assistance and, if necessary, block the facility, enforcing in-service security staffs until the problem is completely resolved.

TOPGUARD security company
TOPGUARD Rapid Reaction Forces (RRF)

   All RRFs are equipped with high-speed cars with alarm, encoded communication means, special protection equipment, general purpose first aid kit to provide (first) pre-medical care, fire extinguishing and fire protection and evacuation equipment.


TOPGUARD security duty officer who informs persons responsible at the facility, security company and 24-hour legal support unit, ensures inline control, recording and appropriate coordination. If necessary, he calls and coordinates the ambulance service, the units of the Ministry of Emergencies (State Emergency Service of Ukraine) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

By the way, the very presence or absence in the security company of units and control system, as well as crisis support and response, provides the Customer, who makes its choice, with an eloquent presentation of company’s potential and professionalism.

TOPGUARD – 25 years of experience and impeccable reputation appreciated by our customers!

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