Security of educational institutions is a responsible task, the purpose of which is to ensure safe stay in the premises and work of the teaching staff during educational process. Safety is especially important during mass school events.

Peculiarities of school security

Organization of school and university security is one of the complex tasks delegated to private security companies. As the security system in educational institutions has its own specifics and requires a professional approach, a detailed plan of the integrated security system is drawn up, as well as the organization of access and order control in the institution and on the adjacent territory.

Today, a traditional security checkpoint is not enough, especially at schools located in endangered and criminogenic areas.

Organization of protection measures begins with the elaboration of the concept based on the protection of students and teachers. It implies the solution of certain tasks, the most important of which are:

  • ensuring the protection of children, teachers and staff in case of possible encroachments inside and outside the premises;
  • monitoring of the order and internal rules of the educational facility;
  • ensuring the preservation of material values of the school or university, as well as the property of students, teachers and staff.
  • The developed concept is coordinated with the head of the higher education institution or the headmaster of the school and with the staff responsible for the institution safety. If such a position is not provided for in the school or higher school institution, the hired organization head of security is responsible for this task.

    Certain interaction mechanisms should be developed for the security system to be as effective as possible. The official documentation shall detail the basic provisions for the insurance of facility security measures, including access regulations, information for facility staff and students on security operations, and instructions for security implementation.

    Range of security measures in educational institutions

    The main security measure is the organization of checkpoints and video surveillance. To implement the above, the territory is classified by risk zones and high-risk zones are identified. The school applies the following security measures:

  • installation of a video monitoring system;
  • security checkpoint at the institution entrance;
  • go-around the building and territory;
  • sealing the premises and installing alarms.
  • Two patrol officers, one shift supervisor and one video surveillance operator are used for institutions with less than 500 people. A security guard who comes to work at night can do 4-hour rest. The service regime is: a shift in three days. Women on patrol are more attentive and better experts in children's psychology, and the checkpoint is usually occupied by a well-prepared man.

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