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Schools Security Guard.

Almost every day they show footage taken at schools, when pupils come with weapons, when one of the senior pupils spreads drugs or when schoolchildren beat up classmates.
The fatal cases is mostly happened abroad, but the situation in the schools of our country is not much better. The protection of schools does not have yet unified standards for safety. School administrations together with parents should make important decisions themselves.

Safety at school

In 2014, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus was horrified after what happened in Moscow school, when a pupil brought weapons to the school grounds, shot at the teacher, policemen, kept classmates hostage. The guy was found insane, but what happened could have been avoided. An attentive guard or CCTV cameras could detect weapons and the security system could react at this situation in proper way The probability of preventing a tragedy could be very significant if security in the school were provided by security firms..

It is better to recognize and accept proper measures to avoid danger than to hide your head in the sand. It will be much more painful if something horrible happens, especially in the case of negligent inactivity. Sending children to kindergartens or schools parents, first of all, should think about their safety. They should not just think. They should help to build an effective defense system. The school administration sometimes decides by itself whether to cooperate with security firms or not, but this is the issue of parents too.

Without security system at school, no one notices who enters the school during the day, where to the pupils go, what they are doing during recess . Teenagers can smoke and even try light drugs, high school students sometimes extort money from small schoolchildren who are unable to stand up for themselves. Security system in schools can not only solve its direct task of protecting schoolchildren during their studies, but also increasing their academic performance. After the introduction of the check-in regime in the school, it is simply impossible "to bunk off lessons".

At night there is another danger - the safety of school property. Computers and office equipment often attract thieves. Hooligans can paint walls, fences, beat windows and burn buildings. The drunken companies or professional criminals are dangerous because even being on duty at the post the old man is unlikely to dare to stop the violators, and he will be able to do little at this situation.

The protection of schools is a nationwide issue. While officials have postponed this issue the question needs to be solved.Today nobody but school administration and parents solves this problem. To solve the problem, they contact to security firms that have been involved for a long in providing security for private schools and kindergartens.

Variants of school security systems

There are several options for protection to strengthen the safety of the school and pupils:

  • By day. Security guarding of the school, which will work on a rotational basis;
  • Round-the-clock. Autonomous alarm system or 24-hour security post in the school. Sensors and video surveillance can be installed

In the "by day" version of the school's security security guards operate according to different scenarios to keep order and security.

To control students and visitors entering the school there is no need a huge special force officer, wearing a bulletproof vest and armed by traumatic weapons. He, rather, would have frighten schoolchildren, the criminals can find another way. To patrol the school, yard, property protection it will be enough an older man, "reinforced" with an alarm button to call for help. But this guard will inspire confidence among young people, and a good physical shape and some special means such as a pepper spray will allow him to resist hooligans.

Two guards of both sexes can be hired because it is easier for a woman to find a common language with boys and vice versa. Working in pairs will help the guards to comply with the admission regime in the school and patrol the territory. The guard of the school must, in addition to sports training, have good communication skills, understand child psychology, and be able to make important decisions instantly. For round the clock security system it would be better to have a young employee, since the load on him will increase.

For round-the-clock protection, the territory must be equipped with special means or must be patrolling by guard regularly, which is not so effective.

The territory of the school can be equipped with sensors and video cameras, and the premises with the expensive equipment can be connected to the alarm system. These measures will give full control over the perimeter inside and outside the building by night. You can also set the alarm button, which, if necessary, can call the fast response team. Sometimes there is no time to call somewhere, to press the alarm button is a matter of a couple of seconds. The guard can press the alarm button in case of emergency, when, after assessing the threat, the guard will understand that he himself will not cope.

Today, the issue of installing video surveillance in schools is also actively discussed. Technically it is not a problem, but this issue can contain many legal problems.


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