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Security agency (company) TopGuard
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Perimeter security systems. Times, when only barbed wire was available for protecting the land plots had become a thing of the past thanks to modern technologies. Today, despite the fact that the level of sale of barbed wire is still quite high, consumers themselves recognize the low efficiency of this method, little by little starting to use perimeter security systems of a new generation.

At the moment, such perimeter security systems are used both for the protection of private houses, and for industrial sites with extended territory.

Modern security systems can detect any penetration. Possibility of detecting a security system by violators is reduced to zero thanks to the invisibility and masking of the sensors. The most effective are complex systems in which perimeter security combines with other security systems.

Perimeter security systems consist of special sensors installed along the fence and control equipment.

Sensors used for perimeter protection and systems based on them:

  • Capacitive. They are based on the ability to measure the capacitive characteristics of wire fencing, which change due to touching or approaching to the fence.
  • Radio wave. Such detectors are used to mount a wireless perimeter guard, which makes it possible to hide the presence of alarm sensors from the attention of unauthorized persons. The principle of their action is based on the disturbance of the electromagnetic field when a person enters it. These disturbances are recorded by the sensors, after which a signal is sent to the control and reception unit.
  • Vibrating. Widely used for the timely detection of attempts undermining or destroying fences, thanks to the catching of various vibrations, which occur in this case. Can be used both for welded wire mesh structures, and for brick or metal fences.
  • Radio-beam. Such detectors use transmitter-receiver systems that send a specially formed radio beam to each other. Upon interruption of it an alarm signal is sent. The use of such sensors does not depend on weather conditions, as well as on traffic and persons outside the controlled area..
  • Infrared. Such systems operate on the basis of infrared radiation, which are received by a special receiver. When it hits the zone of this beam, it interrupts and triggers the penetration signal. They use for a small controlled area.

When the installation of wires is impossible for any reason, wireless perimeter protection is especially convenient. Such a system is not visible to anybody, which excludes the possibility of circumventing it.

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