HintsPersonal protection. How much will a bodyguard cost?

The modern news world is full of celebrities, their quarrels, and scandals. In especially difficult situations, there are attacks on both privacy and lives of stars or businessmen, which sometimes turn very nasty. In light of this, personal security guards are gaining popularity. This occupation is quite popular and extremely dangerous. A qualified bodyguard is fully responsible for a person’s life, constantly ensuring the safety at various difficulty levels. Personal security guard’s main weapon in Kiev is analytical skills. This ability allows sizing up the situation, avoiding emergencies or instantly responding to them if any after all. The second important skill is the skill at arms and hand-to-hand combat. Just by the presence, the bodyguard put off the annoying fans and journalists, providing comfort to the guarded person.

How to choose a bodyguard

First of all, you should understand that the bodyguards are left to their own devices, setting the only task — to protect the guarded person. The important part of the bodyguard’s work in Kiev is the interaction with the customer what allows following the task as accurately as possible.

When choosing a personal security guard, consider the following:

  • Military training of the applicant. For more serious work, security companies choose people who were in the service, worked in law enforcement agencies. Such elements are very important in the field of bodyguard security services since the military personnel is distinguished by a clear flow of thought and a high ability for instant analysis of the situation.
  • Special training. Here, advanced training courses are taken into account. They are working experience with security systems, skills of fire weapons and martial arts, tactical exercises, etc.
  • Past performance with famous people. Experience with important personalities deserves special attention. This element can tell a lot about the candidate, as celebrities often choose the best guards.

The cost of personal security in the capital

When estimating the cost of Kiev bodyguards’ services, we take into account the following points:

  • Experience in the past,
  • Special permits and documents (firearms license),
  • Ability to extreme driving,
  • Training in psychology, medical courses, conflict management,
  • The level of sports training,
  • The number of shifts.

From this perspectives, you will be able to find a personal security guard in Kiev in the limit from 4,000 to 6,000 hryvnias for a short-term service (escort for an event, a dinner) and from 2,000 USD for a long-term service (we set the schedule, the number of guards). Ukrainian experts that study the trends of the security services market recommend giving preference to well-known companies when looking for personal protection. Such companies will help you to choose the necessary range of services and the most qualified bodyguard.

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