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Going on vacation at any time of the year, the owners of private houses are trying to protect their homes from intruders. A high level of security can be provided by professional security companies, modern alarm systems, etc. It is better to take care of the protection of your property in advance in order to avoid unpleasant situations with theft.

Installation of reliable windows

Intruders enter the house through doors or through windows, so you should be careful about their choice. A special film can be glued to the double-glazed windows, which prevents damage to the integrity of the glass from mechanical stress. It is expensive, but it perfectly protects windows from stones and metal objects.

It is better to place bars on the windows of apartments located on the first 2-3 floors. They will prevent penetration. There are several types of grilles: stationary, hinged, removable and sliding. The first ones tightly close the windows, it will not be possible to remove them even if necessary (fire, soil subsidence, etc.).

Swinging ones are fixed with hinges, and if necessary, they can be opened for emergency evacuation. However, their reliability is slightly less than that of stationary ones. Removable - one of the most impractical, because if desired, the thief can unscrew the bolts on which such grilles are attached. The sliding type is mounted on hinges, therefore it is considered one of the safest options.

Choosing a reliable front door

Reliable doors should be massive metal with several locks. A thief can pick any lock, but it's a matter of the time it takes to pick it. The offender will make a choice in favor of the door, which can be opened in a few seconds. If the break-in takes more time, the likelihood of being noticed by neighbors increases.

Variants of locks according to the type of closing mechanism:

  • crossbar;
  • cylinder;
  • leveler;
  • combined.

The crossbar lock has a low cost and excellent strength, it is made of steel. The only drawback is the large key, if lost, it will be extremely difficult and time-consuming to make a duplicate.

Cylinder locks have subspecies: pin cross-shaped, English, disc. The cruciform pin has the least degree of secrecy and can be cracked silently within one minute. English can also be easily hacked, and a thief will have to tinker with the disk lock. It will be possible to open it only with the help of locksmith tools. However, this will take little time - only 2-3 minutes. To make inexpensive locks more secure against burglary, you can purchase an additional security strip that prevents the door from being opened with a master key.

Lever locks are more reliable than cylinder locks. They consist of a transom plate, levers, a shank stand, a spring and a keyway. It is almost impossible to pick a master key for such a mechanism.

Combined locks have excellent burglary resistance. Thanks to the combination of different options for closing mechanisms, it takes at least one hour to open such a lock without a native key. No thief would spend so much time breaking such a door.

Home protection with the help of professionals

One of the most popular ways to protect a private home from burglars is security by a private or public company. For example, when an alarm is triggered, a thief can get confused and run away. If he nevertheless decided to rob, the guards (their arrival takes 5-7 minutes) will catch him and send him to the police.

There are different types of modern security alarms for a house or apartment:

  • autonomous;
  • GSM systems;·
  • telephone;
  • with connection to the remote control.

When an autonomous alarm is connected, sensors are installed in the room that react to movement, breaking windows, etc. In this case, an audio or light signal is heard, which scares the burglar and notifies the owner of the house about the danger. The advantage of this option is its low cost. But, if you have gone on vacation, you will not be able to quickly respond to a possible emergency at your home. Disabling / enabling the alarm is carried out through the dashboard.

The GSM system also works through a variety of sensors. This system differs from the previous version by a more modern approach to informing the owner of the house about an emergency. You will receive a notification on your phone about unauthorized entry, and you can call the police to detain the criminals. However, it is not known how quickly the police will respond to your call. The telephone type of signaling has the same principle of operation, but the information is not communicated through the GSM module, but through a regular telephone line.

Home security with a remote control is one of the most reliable. When the sensors are triggered, the electronic unit transmits information to the central control panel of the security organization, which immediately responds to the incident.

To feel calm on vacation, you need to take care of the safety of your house or apartment in advance. Select the appropriate protection options based on the nature of your home. To do this, it is best to turn to professionals who will suggest the best options and do all the work.

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