HintsTasks and functions of the enterprise security service



The security service is one of the most important structural units at any modern enterprise, responsible for ensuring the safety of production and other internal processes from unauthorized encroachments. After reading the information below, you will find out what the security service of a company, organization, enterprise does and what powers it has

Organization of the security service of the enterprise, firm, its tasks and functions

The security service is engaged in the following tasks:

  • ensuring the safety of the company's activities;
  • organization of competent legal and other interactions;
  • excluding the possibility of unauthorized access to information;
  • control of compliance with the rules of access and admission to items of commercial secrets; 
  • timely detection and blocking of information leakage channels; 
  • protection of buildings, premises, all kinds of equipment and other property of the company.

Thus, the security service is responsible for ensuring security within the company in all possible areas of activity.

Among the key functions of the service in question, the following provisions should be highlighted: 

  • organization and provision with subsequent control of compliance with the established access regime;
  • control over the performance of work on the issues of organizational and legal regulation;
  • participation in the preparation of fundamental documents, in one way or another affecting security issues;
  • study of all kinds of commercial, financial, industrial and other secrets with the aim of their subsequent protection;
  • organization and control over the conduct of official investigations in case of revealing the fact of any kind of violation;
  • organizing and conducting regular training of employees in areas affecting trade secrets in order to ensure the protection of company secrets;
  • keeping records of safes and other similar storages; 
  • maintaining contacts with law enforcement agencies and other subordinate structures, if necessary.

Composition, rights and obligations of the security service

The security service is one of the independent organizational units. Submits to the head of the enterprise. At the head of the service is the chief, who, in aggregate, performs the functions of the deputy head for security.

The security service includes the following structural units:

  • departments of protection and regime;
  • a special department authorized to deal with the processing of classified documents;
  • engineering and technical group; 
  • a security service that monitors the external activities of the company.

The security service has the right to: 

  • requirement from company employees, customers and partners to comply with provisions that in one way or another touch upon issues of commercial secrets; 
  • making proposals for the comprehensive improvement of measures aimed at protecting commercial secrets.

The list of duties of security personnel consists of the following points:

  • control over the implementation of the provisions on the observance of commercial secrets;
  • preparation of reports for direct management on existing violations in relation to the protection of trade secrets and other provisions that could harm the company;
  • exclusion of the possibility of unauthorized access to trade secrets and other materials requiring appropriate protection.

Security service representatives are personally liable for violation of trade secrets and not using their powers while performing their direct functional duties.

The provisions that have been discussed above can be changed, supplemented and reduced depending on the specifics of the activity of a particular enterprise and the specifics of its internal policy.

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