F-1 and TopGuardRepresentatives of the security company Topguard together with German partners provide security services at all stages of the Grand Prix «Formula-1» 2015 season.
Championship season 2015 will be held from March to November in 19 countries. Since the beginning of the season the Grand Prix in Australia and Malaysia have given a start, as soon as the race will be held in China, and then - in other countries, including the United States, Mexico, Japan, Monaco, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates.

Organizers of the "Formula 1" cannot hide the fact that this year they have increased requirements for security staff in the championship. In the season-2015 selection was tougher than usual.

Topguard together with German partners Security entrance - TopGuard Охрана F-1, TopGuard, Сепанг

"These requirements are dictated by life itself. Now the situation in the world is unstable, there is a threat of terrorist attacks and other provocations. Therefore, the championship should be protected by the best and trained security staff. And we are proud that we are among those, having serious competition ", - said director of TopGuard Constantine Stepaniuk.

This season - the 66th in the "Formula 1". Championships are held since 1950-the year and take place on all continents, in dozens of countries. A special feature of this season is that the Honda team has returned to the championship - as an engine supplier for Team McLaren. Experts note that in the season 2015 there are a lot of strong teams again: Ferrari, Williams, Red Bull, McLaren-Honda and others. However, in their opinion, Mercedes is considered to be the favorite. And thus the world champion might become one of the drivers of this team - the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg.

Security guard of F-1,stands of Sepang "All of us as viewers love" Formula 1 "following a stunning race. Sincerely worried about the health of motor racing legend Michael Schumacher. Now that our guys have the opportunity to become part of this great sport. Given how strong teams participating in the "Formula 1" this year are the season will be interesting and fascinating. And our joint Ukrainian-German security team, highly proven during Euro 2012, will make every effort for a series of events run smooth comfortable and safe, "- said director of TopGuard Constantine Stepaniuk.

At this stage of the race the winners are::
1. Sebastian Vettel ("Ferrari")
2. Lewis Hamilton ("Mercedes") +8.5
3. Nico Rosberg ("Mercedes") +12.3

We also did not miss the opportunity to congratulate the winners, in particular, Nico Rosberg – Mercedes team driver.
Nico Rosberg and L. Hamilton TopGuard and Nico Rosberg