International management quality certificate 9001:2015 from LMS Certifications Pvt. Ltd. International management quality certificate 9001:2015.

It's no secret that the private security company TopGuard is one of the national leaders in the field of security and protection in Ukraine.
Now the efficiency of the company’s management and its interaction with customers is confirmed by the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 ("Quality management systems. Requirements"). Registration number: SIC.MS.065.ISO9001.022.
as well as the certificate from LMS Certifications Pvt. Ltd. (a member of the IAF), reg.number 204094-A01

The certificate is included in a series of ISO 9000 standards - these are the international standards, describing the requirements for the quality management system of organizations and enterprises.

To maintain a high-quality level of services, it is no longer sufficient to have a license for security guard activities, experienced personnel and a good technical base. We believe that (only) the external appraisal of our services quality can actually show a clear and honest picture of the conformity of the declared services quality level that the company promotes in its advertisements and commercial offers.

Professional security service.

ISO 9001 standards have been adopted in more than 190 countries around the world and are the best generally recognized safety mechanism that ensures the quality of the enterprise's functioning at all stages of its life cycle and favours the improvement of its effectiveness. And it is also a part of business practice when drafting international contracts.

Our work implies a great responsibility. And the obtained procedure of certification under the standard is one more step on the way of increasing the confidence of our clients and confirmation of our competence and qualification.

How does OUR POLICY IN THE QUALITY FIELD look in practice?

The security company TopGuard is aimed at creating a high level of security by adoption of the quality management system and increasing the number of Security Services.

According to these goals, TopGuard, as a company, and the every employee individually, who participates in the life cycle of the services provision should:

  • contribute to the guaranteed fulfillment of concluded contracts and obligations of the company in due time and in full measure;
  • unconditionally execute any legislatively and regulatory established requirements, norms and rules when providing services;
  • enhance qualification and professional competence;
  • use innovative technical guarding means in work.

The main components and objectives of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015


  • understanding by all the employees the requirements of Customers and providing them with security services in full accordance with their expectations, as well as their awareness of responsibility for the results of their activities and their role in the company image and in the life cycle of security services provision;
  • a clear structure for receiving and processing orders and addresses to the company;
  • professional advice on security issues and the proposal for the best option, with a glance to all the wishes of a customer;;
  • the priority of the Customer's desires;
  • provision of security services of the same level as in advertising;
  • interest and participation of the every employee and the leading role of managers in quality management. The desire to provide service as qualitatively as possible, even if it is not stipulated by the budget, but the means allow it;
  • crisp organization of work due to the rational distribution of responsibilities and functions;
  • competence, professionalism and quality control at every workplace;
  • system approach to the operating solution of any tasks and problems;
  • application of modern methods of enterprise management in compliance with international standards. Using up-to-date technologies in technical guarding means;
  • development and implementation of new projects in accordance with the promising market requirements;
  • support and increase of the personnel’s competence, training and qualification level;
  • control over the stuff’s job responsibilities performance and the quality control of the services provision by means of feedback from the customers of our company;
  • conducting security guards training in the TopGuard security training center with the use of new tactics and methods;
  • maintenance of the personnel safe labour conditions;
  • holding briefings, timely control and testing of knowledge;
  • control and ensuring of the medical examination passage by all the employees;
  • timely technical inspection of motor vehicles;


More than 20 years of work in the security market and the day-by-day gratitude and trust of our customers confirm our main thesis: that REAL SECURITY is a professionalism multiplied by competence and proper management!