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«Kinosad-Zhiznelyub». Photo-1.
«Kinosad-Zhizneljub»: no entrance for people under 60 years old!
To go back to 30 years ago, watch a movie, dance, meet new people, learn something new. Most seniors think that this is impossible. They are wrong. A well-known businessman and philanthropist Garik Korogodsky created a true time machine in the Kiev Hydropark.

And he did it. On the territory of abandoned Green Theater in Hydropark he and the volunteers from the charitable organization "Zhizneljub" created a hub for the seniors. The main place is an open-air cinema with 275 seats. It’ll work during the whole warm season: from early spring to late autumn. The main rule of the open-air cinema is: only good, soulful films and it does not matter if they are old or new. The first film in this new open-air cinema that the audience saw was the American saga "The Notebook".

«Kinosad-Zhiznelyub». Photo-2.

The main feature of this project is that the auditorium can be transformed into a concert venue where singers will give concerts and various lectures will be given for people. In addition, there are play rooms for intellectual games and there are rooms for the themed meetings, master classes and even yoga classes.

Special focus was on the design of Kinosad. It was projected for people who are not able to jump over high stairs or overcome obstacles. At the entrance there are the ramps for disabled people, and the interior is decorated in the style of a modern retro: phone boxes, drink machines and a bus, which serves drinks.

By the way, Hydropark was not chosen by chance. First, it is a very convenient location: a green place with a pond, not far from the metro. Secondly, 30-40 years ago it was a favorite holiday destination for a whole generation for the inhabitants of Kiev and metropolitan guests. Garik Korogodsky admits: it was important for him to recreate the atmosphere familiar to the generation of his parents who enjoyed spending their free time here. According to him suitable conditions will help seniors overcome all barriers to communicate, get acquainted with other people, find friends, and, maybe, create strong relations.

This project costs 9 million. Garik Korogodsky invested 6 million, 3 more millions more were gathered by the members of the charitable organization "Zhizneljub”. All the world gathered these money as best it could. One elderly couple was selling drinks to "Bazar-Kurazh" in order to collect the necessary amount as soon as possible for opening of "Kinosad" in Hydropark. Maintenance of the hub will cost the businessman about $ 20 thousand per month.

Before winter sets in with its full severeness “Kinosad-Zhizneljub” will be opened for the visits for three days a week on Friday and on weekend. Soon, since the next year it will be available six days a week. The organizers estimated that every week about 700-800 elderly people will come here. For them the entrance is free. It is only necessary to show the pension certificate. Young people can enter into the Kinosad only if their elderly relatives accompany them.

Our company guarantees the protection of this beautiful and amazing place. We will do our best to ensure the safety and comfort of all.

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