Although of course we need to thank them! For their bravery and honor with which they pass this test, for their lives that them give for future of our country, our children, wives, mothers, and all citizens of Ukraine.

Fighters each time confirm Airborne motto "No one except us", during the time of ATO.

For the first time their names rocked on all country in 2014, when they realized the longest raid in the military history of Ukraine. At that days paratroopers broke through the defense line of militants, came to Mariupol and moved further along the border. They destroyed several enemy artillery battalions, took weapons, including a tank, drove to Lugansk and returned to Slavyansk. In addition, the soldiers of the 95th brigade have played a key role in the defense of the Donetsk airport. They turning it into a symbol of the spirit and courage of our soldiers until recently, protecting it from separatists and Russian terrorist forces.

95th airborne brigade. Photo 1.

Employees of TopGuard fighting in the east of Ukraine's in most iconic units. However, the most warm, friendly and family relations formed with 95th Brigade.

We are waiting returning to home our soldiers, who still fighting. We will always remember such of them who died ... Thank you for everything. Come back alive!!!